Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

Wow, that sounded really conceited! I just had to channel my inner Sally Field for a minute. I'm so excited because my blog got an award! It's from Staci at Let's Teach Something. Thank you so much, Staci! It's exciting to get an award when you only have 5 followers!!! I think I'm writing all these posts for myself sometimes! (Woe is me, ... j/k) Seriously, I really appreciate anyone who reads my little blog. Go check out Staci's blog by clicking on the link above. I met Staci at the Tri-state Blogger meet-up. It was so much fun. I tell you what, those ladies were the ones to push me and inspire me to start this blog. So really, I should be giving them all the awards...which I think I will do...

Here's to 
Cathy at Sunshine and Happiness in First Grade - so funny! She had me cracking up. She has a "presh" blog! I was one of her first followers!!!! Exciting!!

Chelsea Rose at Blooming into First. This is a new blog I've been following since the meet-up. Plus, I love that she worked at Red Lobster during college. My BEST friend in the world worked at Red Lobster in college, and bless her heart, she still does!!!

Erica from Rausch's Readers - she mostly posts for her students and parents, but she has a really cute blog and lots of pictures!!!!

Shannon at Langston's Learners - her blog is also mostly for parents and students, but it's really cute. She's almost up to 200 followers...go follow her now.....go, go, go!!!

Claire from Special Speckled Eggs - I remember her talking about her blog's name at the meet-up. I could only hear parts of what she was saying about it, and it sounded like she was downplaying it. It's a VERY CUTE name! I love it! :)

Go check out these blogs and follow all of these amazing ladies!!! Give them a chance, and thanks again to Staci for giving me a chance and supporting my wee little blog! :)

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