Sunday, February 5, 2012

My ClassroomS (yes, plural)

I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse, but I have 2 classrooms. I teach at a private school for children with mild learning disabilities. I am the epitome of “wild card teacher” at our school, and it’s sort of funny, but I’m considered the teacher who knows the most about technology out of all our teachers….Scary!! I began at our school as a sub, moved to the part-time PE teacher (if you knew me, you’d laugh your head off knowing that I HATE PE, but I needed a job and I loved the school!). Then I became a fourth grade teacher, then fifth grade. Then we adopted a new technology curriculum, and I was chosen as the technology teacher, so here I am!
I do carpool in the morning, then I have my planning period from 8:20-9:20. Then I teach a literacy class for 6-8 graders who are on a 4th-5th grade reading level. Next, I either do lunch and recess or teach 2 middle school technology classes (depending on which day it is). Then there are 2 primary tech classes, and 2 intermediate tech classes. On Monday afternoons, I head up the technology club. On Thursday afternoons, I am the drama club instructor!

I hope I haven’t lost you by now – you must be bored of listening to all of my “duties.”

The point is I have two classrooms. I wanted to post some pictures of both of them. I will be talking about them on and off, somewhat piggybacking on Clutter-free Classroom’s organization project.

Here is a picture of my literacy classroom, with my Dr. Seuss theme.

Ok, well this is just part of my classroom library wall, but it is my largest wall and the focus wall. It’s what you see when you first walk in my room. And…this is what my classroom looked like back in August. It looks similar, yet a little different now. More pics coming soon.

Here is a picture of my technology classroom.

This is also how my tech room looked in August. It’s pretty much the same now, but I’ve added a few more posters depending on what each class has learned how to do independently as of now.

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