Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Techie Party

Ok, 4 things need to be covered in today's post:

1. I have a TPT store account. I haven't uploaded anything yet, but I will soon. I am working with our tech guy at school (shout out to Bob!) on getting some PDF software installed on my computer. I don't have the most recent version of MS Office, and I have tried a couple of the free PDF software downloads, and it just ain't happenin'!!! I have lots of little pages to upload, so I think I will start out with some freebies. I promise, coming soon!

2. I am SOOO excited about an upcoming event that I'm sponsoring at my school. I just announced today to our staff that I will have a "Techie Party" in late February. I got the idea this weekend from the Tri-state Blogger Meet-up from an awesome, hilarious lady named Cathy from Sunshine and Happiness in First Grade. She had a Pinterest party for her fellow teachers, and a few of my teachers are already happily pinning already, so I wanted to vary it up for my teacher friends! Well, I thought I would have maybe 3 or 4 people sign up, but there's 15 that want to come!!! I'm so excited. I am already making plans for the 45 minute "party"! Thanks Cathy for the idea!

3. We OCD passionate teachers at the Blogger meet-up this weekend discussed our love of fonts and all things cute when creating items and writing on blogs. Well, I have a question for you bloggers out there...how do I use my (cute) fonts on my blog (the title/name, links, etc.)? Also, how do you know if you can use certain fonts in items that you create to sell?

4. I'm sorry about the changing fonts and look of my posts. I'm still working on what I like. I'm going to try to post a few more pictures of my classroom, just to see how the pictures look once I post them!

This is a picture of a curtain that I made to cover up one of those shelves (that you don't want everyone seeing what is on them!).

Please excuse this picture. It is a mess - clearly this was back in August when I was setting up and changing things A HUNDRED times before I found what I liked. Even still, my classroom is ever-changing, but I don't mind it because I'm always trying to find what will work best for my kids. I just posted this one to show off my cute little flag banner. I got it on clearance at Target in August. I think it was left over from the 4th of July stash. It has stars, red, white, and blue on it. But it goes well with my Dr. Seuss theme!

Happy Tuesday!

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