Saturday, May 2, 2015

We Appreciate Teachers (& Some Freebies)

It's Teacher Appreciation Week next week, not only at our school, but at my son's daycare as well. So while I'm wishing and hoping for Starbucks gift cards, my son's daycare does things a little bit differently.

On Monday, kids bring in flowers for the teachers. On Tuesday, the daycare board provides breakfast for the teachers. On Wednesday, the kids bring treats, and Thursday, they bring in cards. On Friday, the parents provide a BBQ lunch for the teachers.

I know some of the students won't (or can't) bring in thank-you items, and I get that. However, I want to make the week special for all of my son's teachers. After all, they take good care of my baby every day and they deserve to be pampered, at least for one week out of the year!

I made some cute little cards to give the teachers this week. I also made a few signs to put in their teacher's lounge to go with some of the treats we'll be providing.

(The real file looks better than these screen shots I took. Sorry - confusion between home and school computers!)
You can download these cards and signs for FREE here.

On the same note, I'm sure it's no surprise that the amazing TPT is throwing a little Teacher Appreciation sale on May 5th and 6th. (Aren't we thankful for them???) Use the code ThankYou to save up to 28%! My store will be 20% off!

Click on the picture to check out my store! Stock up on your wish list items while you're there! :)
Oh, and Happy Derby Day!

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