Wednesday, May 13, 2015

End of the Year Activities, Part 3, with a little FREEbie!

We are continuing our End of the Year Countdown Fun (use your big movie announcer voice here for effect)! I swear, I wish I could do more things like this all year long, but then I guess, it wouldn't be as special when we do these activities at the end of the year! I made up some little awards for some of our activities that we're doing. I included them as a freebie on Google docs if you can make it through the blog post to download them at the end! :)

Anyway, today we had our paper airplane contest! My students really got into actually making the airplanes. It takes a little work and a little practice to fold them, sort of like origami (not that complicated, otherwise this girl wouldn't be doing them with her students!). You can find many designs for FREE on this website! They provide instructions as well as PDF printable templates!

I created these awards for them and told them about each award before we went outside to fly them.

There's one for the FASTEST airplane:

Then there's one for the airplane that flew the farthest:
For this one, we all stood on the same line and they let their airplanes go. I measured the end point to see whose airplane flew the farthest in a straight line.

Then, there's the award for the most unique airplane. I wanted them to take some time to decorate the airplanes. It gives them more of a sense of ownership and more importantly, I like to have something to award students who are not exactly aerodynamic-friendly! :) Also, last year, I had a student add paper clips to certain parts of the airplane. He thought it would make the airplane faster, so I thought that was pretty creative!

Here is my group showing off their paper airplane flying skills!

Here are some of the other awards for upcoming activities. I print them out on bright, colorful paper! You can download these awards here. The Rock, Paper, Scissors award is separate from the others. You can download that award here.

Hopefully you can find some use with these awards. My students sure did have a lot of fun getting them!!! :)

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