Thursday, April 9, 2015

Springtime Personification

Easter. Peeps. Daffodils. Sunshine. What goes better with spring than figurative language? I mean, April is National Poetry Month and hello, poems use a LOT of figurative language!

Personification is one type of figurative language. It is the act of giving non-human objects (or animals) human characteristics. It's what all of our students see and hear all the time in their cartoons, video games, and movies where animals talk or behave like human beings. So when you introduce it to your class, they pick up on it easily when you give them examples like Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse, Creeper (from Minecraft), and Olaf (from Frozen).

I just posted a new product, Springtime Differentiated Personification Task Cards. There are 28 task cards, both in color and ink-saving black and white. The activity is easily differentiated with 3 recording sheets.
I'll let the rest of the packet speak for itself through pictures...

This product will be 50% off until Friday night (12:00pm EST). Click here to see it. Have a great Thursday!

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