Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Little More Figurative Language

Before spring break, we were hard at figurative language. I found so many amazing activities on TPT - many of them free! (Bonus!), and we used those, plus others that I made up for my students. I wanted to show you some of the activities we've done and share with you where to find them!

First up is our "Similes and Metaphors self-portraits" from Mary at Teaching with a Mountain View. Students had to describe themselves using similes and metaphors. Mary gave a great example for kids to use. My kids did a GREAT job with these. I was so impressed with their work.

Next up is our "In a Pickle" idioms. The craftivity idea is free from Amy Lemons!

We also did a "Bring an Idiom to School" activity from Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching. My kids REALLY loved this! They got into it, and they especially loved presenting them to their classmates, and having them guess the idiom!

We had a little review with an Idioms Matching activity. You can find this for FREE here

Next, we had a TON of fun with hyperbole! (Did you see what I did there with exaggeration?)

My kids really had a blast partnering up and finding HYPERBOLE in these fun poems! They are FREE here on TPT! Thanks to Ms. U! I even let my kids use my fun, smelly markers. (I think they got just as excited about this as they did sharing with each other!)

And we HAD to do a craftivity to sum up our learning on personification! I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I found some book clipart (can't remember where I found it) and had students write a paragraph with the story starter, "This book flew off the shelves!"

Before I leave (hoping that you haven't left yet after all these pictures and this long post), here are a few more (FREE) activities I found that worked for my kiddos!

Onomatopoiea Pop Art from Free to Teach - great craft to go with our Onomatopoeia stories

Figurative Language Freebies from Where the Wild Things Learn - this one had a great activity finding figurative language in songs

Figurative Language Matching from Lisa Jester - great review before our final test

Enjoy! Happy Hump Day! :)

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