Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Snow Day and a Giveaway!

Well, it feels like our second snow day of the year, but it's actually our third. (The first one was waaaayyyy back in November!) My husband stayed home from work as well. The roads here were bad. We got about 10" in all. Plus it's COLD. We had fun yesterday, staying inside, napping, watching tv, and we even went outside and shoveled snow! It was fun! My two-year old son is obsessed with hockey, so he thought he was on a hockey rink in our driveway. Pretty funny!

With all of my free time these two days, I got to finish TWO of my latest products - my "Summarizing Activity Pack" and my "Feelin' Lucky" multiplication challenge task cards. I am so excited! I didn't think I'd be able to finish these until Wednesday or Thursday. Sooooooooo, that means that I can start my giveaway (my first!) tomorrow!
I am uploading the products to TPT as I write this! If you are teaching summarizing (or you plan on ever teaching it in the future), you might want to take a look at my "Summarizing Activity Pack"! Click on the image below to take you to this product!

My "Feelin' Lucky" task cards are a math challenge for (approximately) fourth and fifth graders. I am actually tutoring a student who is a little older, but working from a fifth grade textbook. Here is what I wrote in my description on the product page:

These task cards are a challenge set for fourth and fifth graders. I don’t normally teach math, but I was tutoring a student who was struggling with two-digit and three-digit multiplication. He could add and subtract easily, though. I wanted to make an activity for him to see the relationship between addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  At the same time, I wanted him to have repeated practice with multiplication.

First, your students need to read the word problems. They are all two- or three- digit multiplication problems. They need to solve the multiplication problem. Third, they need to solve the problems on letter choices A, B, C, and D. Only one of the choices matches the answer they got with the initial multiplication word problem.

For example, in number 1, the student would multiply 16 and 20. The answer is 320. Then they should subtract 50-6, multiply 10 x 55, add 215 + 105, and divide 160 ÷ 3. Students will need to either know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide all of the problems, or they can use a calculator, depending on their level and ability. Use your discretion. My tutoring student struggled with long division, so for our practice, I let him use a calculator on the division problems.

If this sounds like something you'd like to challenge your math students with, check out this product here. This is a St. Patrick's Day-themed activity, but it could be used at any time of the year.

Enter here to win either or both of these products:

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