Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Countdown

My students are doing my "Christmas Countdown" activities this week. They are LOVING it. You can check out this product here, but basically, at the end of each day, we pull a candy cane from my container. I have papers and a number wrapped around them. They unwrap the paper, read the card, and the next day, we do whatever the card says. It's not a new idea - it's similar to Advent activities, but anyway...
Did I mention my kids are loving it? 
(I could NOT get this picture turned upright. I'm so sorry.)

Today we decorated another teacher's door. I used a simple ornament bulletin board activity from First Grade Blue Skies. You can see it here. My students really enjoyed the simple craft and they LOVED surprising this teacher. The teacher was so excited and my students were in heaven when she noticed and told them how much she loved it. 

We decided to give the candy canes to a teacher or staff member each day - just another way we can show some random kindness. So far, the teachers love getting a little treat and the kids can't wait until the end of class to see what will come next! Oh, the magic of Christmas!

It really put me in the Christmas spirit, even though sometimes it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit as an adult these days. Things are so much busier and hectic as an adult. Does anyone else feel this way?

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